The Center for Human Capital Innovation (CHCI) is a for-purpose firm dedicated to improving talent management across the federal government. CHCI works with government agencies to answer fundamental questions about the current state of their human capital system. We use these insights to guide organizations in making the optimal investments in human capital to achieve predictable improvements in productivity and employee engagement.


Our dedicated team of professionals, with both federal government leadership and Fortune 100 experience, bring the right mix of expertise to the
optimization of talent across the federal government. Our unique perspective, combined with access to a wide network of human capital management SME’s across government, business, and academia, provides government organizations the ability to make fact-based decisions on strategic talent management initiatives. Our goal is to serve as an agency’s long-term trusted advisor to assist government agencies in developing organizational “know how” that drives systemic change across the government.


  • Human Capital Maturity Assessment – We use proprietary methods to quantitatively measure the maturity of existing human capital practices based on direct observations, resulting in an organization’s ability to make informed and fact-based decisions on strategic talent management initiatives.
  • Strategic Human Capital Transformation Plan – Working hand-in-hand with a government agency, we build a transformation plan that includes specific actions and forecasted results that links an agency’s strategic plan with measurable outcomes.
  • Human Capital Aspect Analyses & Diagnostics – We help agencies pinpoint root causes of sub-optimal performance by assembling a highly-qualified research team expert in conducting interviews, surveys, and focus groups.
  • Identification of Key Drivers of Productivity and Employee Engagement – Based on a diagnosis of the human capital maturity within an agency, we identify key drivers of productivity—along with expected benefits and costs—to select projects with the greatest transformational impact on an organization’s performance and levels of engagement.
  • Talent Readiness Index – By assessing status against 20-plus proven talent management best practices, this index provides a “snapshot” and defines where an agency is in its talent management journey.