Dr. Allen Zeman, President of Human Capital Innovation

Mimi Darmstadter, Executive Coach, Center for Human Capital Innovation

CHCI’s virtual bench consists of over 100 coaches with a minimum of 20 years business and leadership experience, coupled with certifications from leading training programs and/or International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentials.  While no two coaching sessions are the same, all of our services adhere to ICF standards in areas of competencies and ethics.

  1. Executive Coaching: Our coaches work one-on-one and customize each session to “meet the coachee where they are” in their individual learning process.  We create an atmosphere of trust and mutual accountability, using a careful balance of inquiry and advocacy to initiate change.

  2. Program Design: CHCI will work with agencies to design and implement a coaching program to formalize its use of coaching as a leadership development tool. In addition, we can work with you to tailor an approach for a specific audience, i.e. – new supervisors, high potentials, or divisions undergoing significant reorganization.

  3. Program Management: A coaching program will only succeed if change results from it.  We offer tools and best practices to establish a structured program that results in improved organizational performance, including the most effective use of assessments, coach on-boarding, and scheduling support.

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