Human Capital Analytics

Solving core organizational issues today often require new and innovative sets of strategies to solve core organizational issues: What is our current cost of turnover? What is the return on investment for our level of employee engagement? How much money should we invest in training and development programs?

Human Capital Analytics is the application of data analysis and tools that can be used to answer these types of questions and optimize the talent within an organization. Instead of merely reporting on data, Human Capital Analytics practitioners are able to leverage their understanding of an organization’s workforce to make better-informed decisions about accomplishing today’s mission and meeting tomorrow’s expectations.
Current CHCI Human Capital Analytics Services

Analytics for Human Capital Professionals: Measures, Metrics, and Methods

DescriptionAnalytics for Human Capital Professionals introduces the measures, metrics, and methods used in the field of Human Capital Analytics. The workshop is designed around a Human Capital Management framework (PODAMIA) which can be applied to many areas of workforce management
Target Audience12 - 20 Human Resource / Human Capital Managers, Supervisors, and staff
DurationTwo 3-hour sessions (over two days)
SettingIn-person / onsite (client-provided active learning classroom)
Cost$25,000 (materials included at no additional cost)
ContactFor more information, please contact Greg Bozek (; 571-970-4250 Ext. 102)