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Based on the compelling story of USS Benfold, the focus of the Leadership Journey for Government is on learning “how” to practically apply the lessons and best practices modeled in Captain Abrashoff’s book, It’s Your Ship.Its Your Ship

The success story of USS Benfold creates a powerful example of what is possible within the federal government and the impact leaders can have on measurable results. At the center of Benfold’s success was a model that Captain Abrashoff used to turn around one of the worst ships in the Pacific Fleet into the best ship in just 12 months.

The Leadership Journey Components

Transformation Doesn’t Occur Overnight

Drive SUccess

At the end of the day, you need leaders who can inspire their people to come together, dream bigger and accomplish more. The Leadership Journey for Government offers your leaders an integrated approach grounded in your mission to elevate their skills, transform their approach and sustain their momentum.

The Leadership Journey Roadmap

Leadership Journey

The lessons learned aboard USS Benfold combined with the best practices that we have found in studying high performance leaders have been distilled into four simple milestones, what we call, The Leadership Roadmap. The Leadership Roadmap serves as a leader’s navigation guide to provide a common language across levels and across your organization to talk about leadership and how to lead effectively. The intensity and depth of each of the four milestones corresponds with the level of experience, expertise and scope a leader has within your organization. To drive this success no matter where your leaders are in their own journey, we create a custom blend of learning activities that are built exclusively to elevate your leaders ability to drive results and impact productivity.

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