Organizational Team-Building

What does it mean to be a high-performing team? At CHCI, we believe a high-performing team is a collaborative group of people who share a common vision and goal, which are able to hold each other accountable to achieve results. Creating these high-performing however is no easy task – it requires the right mix of strong leadership, empowerment, and goal clarification between team-members. 

Current CHCI Organizational Team-Building Services

Workshop: Team-Building for Leaders

DescriptionTeam-Building for Leaders is designed around a seven-module framework which represents the steps to creating an effective team-building environment. The workshop will equip participants with: 1) An understanding of the components of a high performing team to include benefits of a high performing team and barriers in achieving a high performance team, and 2) the knowledge and tools required to implements and assess creating a high performing team
Target Audience12 - 20 Leaders, Managers, or Supervisors
DurationTwo 3-hour sessions (over two days)
SettingIn-person / onsite (client-provided active learning classroom)
Cost$25,000 (materials included at no additional cost)
ContactFor more information, please contact Greg Bozek (; 571-970-4250 Ext. 102)