ROI_processOne of the most challenging issues facing organizations today is to measure the value on all types of projects and programs. Given today’s budget constraints for many federal agencies, and a strong focus on achieving results, measuring Return on Investment (ROI) has become increasingly important. It is critical for agencies to look at ROI to determine success factors and derive maximum value from all initiatives.

The ROI Methodology, developed by Dr. Patti P. Phillips and Dr. Jack J. Phillips of the ROI Institute, has proven to be an accurate, credible, and feasible approach to addressing the accountability issues for all types of organizations. The Center for Human Capital Innovation (CHCI) has formed an exclusive partnership with the ROI Institute to deliver a customized ROI workshop for the public sector to help organizations evaluate the impact and success of various projects and programs by measuring the actual financial return on investment. This 2-day workshop will focus on measurement and evaluation for governmental entities and for government-funded programs. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the ROI Process model from the workshop including:

  • Setting objectives which reflect ultimate outcomes
  • Determining the timing of data collection
  • Selecting appropriate data collection instruments
  • Identifying factors which influence results
  • Selecting appropriate strategies for isolating the effects of training
  • Calculating or estimating the value of an improvement
  • Identifying and monitoring appropriate program costs
  • Applying simple statistical tools to data analysis
  • Analyzing data including calculating the actual return on investment
  • Presenting evaluation data to target audiences
  • Gaining management support for training


This workshop will be invaluable for anyone interested in building accountability into government or government-funded programs, including training, education, human resources, and financial management. Attendees who will find this workshop most valuable include:

  • CFOs and Deputy CFOs
  • Financial Management Specialists
  • Accountants and Budget Analysts
  • Management and Program Analysts
  • Performance Improvement Officers
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Performance Measurement Specialists
  • Organizational Development Specialists
  • Course Designers and Facilitators


The workshop focuses on the skills of research and measurement that are necessary to effectively conduct ROI studies. The number one consequence of using the ROI Methodology is that projects and programs are improved with the use of the results. Some users report use of the methodology has led to the elimination of programs that are unnecessary. Use of the ROI Methodology™ continues to grow as executives in industry, the public sector and non-profits realize the value of learning and development and human capital programs.