Performance Leadership Program for Managers

Objective: The Performance Leadership Program for Managers is a leadership development program for mid-level and senior managers. The Performance Leadership Program for Managers is affordable, scalable to a manager’s ability and potential, aligned with an agency’s strategy, and designed to generate measurable outcomes. The course is delivered at your work place, once a month. The course includes a custom blend of monthly facilitator-led interactive live sessions, individual assessments/feedback and small team outcome-driven assignments.

The course evolves through three phases

  • Self-View: Introspective view of skills, behaviors, and motivations
  • Team View: Managing teams and problem solving
  • Global View: Leading teams


Program Components

  • Group Learning: Cohort based facilitated live sessions
  • Action Learning: Role Plays, demos, interactivity
  • Independent Learning: Reading materials, assignments, self-assessment, research and practice
  • Implementation and Documentation: Practice behaviors and skills, assessments (self and peer), documentation of progress
  • Blended Learning: Virtual and classroom based learning with external tools and educational platforms
  • Capstone Exercise: Student project team solve an organizational high priority requirement
  • Executive Core Qualifications: Curriculum aligns with, and reinforces, executive core qualifications


During the Performance Leadership Program for Managers  

Your managers will learn and develop proficiency of the Fundamentals of Leadership and develop proficiency in the skills necessary to be an effective manager.

  • Students will define their personal leadership style through targeted assessments and group mentoring
  • Students will learn and develop their skills in:
    • Effective Communications to lead teams and provide critical feedback
    • Measurable Results through problem solving and converting decisions into action
    • Improved Organizational Performance
    • Leading People to improve team effectiveness and efficiency


Program Specifics

  • Level of Effort: Each month, 8 hours of live facilitated workshop and 4-8 hours of independent assignments, project work and reading
  • Duration: Six months
  • Class Size: 20 Students
  • Format: Live, facilitated monthly sessions with individual and group work between sessions
  • Course Materials: Included at no additional cost
  • Cost: $75,000 per course


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Performance Leadership Program for Supervisors

Objective: The Performance Leadership Program for Supervisors is a supervisor development program.  The Performance Leadership Program for Supervisors is affordable, scalable to a supervisor’s ability and potential, and supportive of participants’ work schedules. The course includes a custom blend of facilitator-led interactive video calls, individual online learning, and cohort online learning.

Your supervisors will learn the fundamentals of supervising people and develop basic proficiency in the skills necessary to be an effective supervisor.

Program Components

Based on the success formula from the coaching world, Performance Leadership Program for Supervisors incorporates training, coaching, homework, feedback and cohort interaction into an efficient, effective and engaging online learning system. Designed to fit into any schedule, the lessons are short, the homework is done “on the job,” the online responses measure comprehension, and regular calls build group learning. Lessons are delivered through a user-friendly online interface and shared on a password-protected website.

A sample course schedule would be:

  • Day One: Release web-based lesson to participants.
  • Week One: Participants read the lesson content, view the videos, act on the homework, record their learnings, and receive real-time 1-1 feedback from coach-facilitators through online journals.
  • Week Two: Online dialog with cohort members and coaching feedback continues; participants join in the group coaching video call.
  • Week Three to Eight: Repeat the sequence for more learning.

Note: Most courses include three modules.

During this program, the students will experience:

  • Convenient training to be completed on participant schedules
  • High engagement and accountability through applied learning and coaching/cohort interaction
  • Active (not passive) learning delivered in “micro bursts” that participants must act on in real-world, real-time settings
  • Expert coach-facilitators
  • Extensive range of courses that build critical communication, supervisory fundamental and interpersonal skills


Course Specifics

  • Level of Effort: 5 hours weekly
  • Duration: Six weeks
  • Class Size: 12 Students
  • Format: Online and via videocon
  • Course Materials: Included at no additional cost
  • Cost: $10,000 per course


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Anne Loehr recently conducted a customized Management 101 program for The Nature Conservancy. We used her Online Learning Center and all of the participants found it to be a very rich and rewarding experience. The lessons were relevant, critical for effective and productive management, and applicable to solving real supervisorial problems. All of the participants were located in different states, but the program still allowed us to learn in a collaborative, peer-to-peer environment that really created camaraderie.
Anne is a master at remote facilitation and we greatly appreciate her management of the entire process. We look forward to working with her again in the near future.   

Meg Severson, Human Resource Specialist, The Nature Conservancy 

Anne has a new, fresh approach that is really eye opening to successful financial advisors and their teams. Many organizations offer simplistic tactics at making their practice attractive to the next generation.

Patrick Sweeney, MBA, Associate Director, Learning Delivery Wealth Advisor Programs, US


A Sampling of WPL Courses:

Communication Supervision
  •  Communication Excellence
  • Managing Conflict
  •  Presentation Skills
  • Delegation & Prioritization
  •  The Art of Persuasion
  • Thinking Differently
  • Creative Thinking
  •  Managing Your Energy for Peak Performance
Interpersonal Skills
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Giving and Delivering Feedback
  • Using Emotional Intelligence