Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management is the strategic set of practices used to optimize the value of an organization’s people.

Strategic Human Capital Management covers several areas of organizational effectiveness, including Workforce planning (recruiting, onboarding, retaining, etc.), learning and education, performance management, and competency management.

Strategic Human Capital Management should be a consideration for all organizations for several reasons:

•  Workforces are typically the most substantial point of success for an organization. Likewise, workforce costs typically make up the majority of operational budgets. Strategic Human Capital Management allows leaders to optimize the effectiveness of an organization and economize on workforce investments;

•  For many industries, the greatest remaining area of competition between organizations are the employees they have working for them. Strategic Human Capital Management helps maximize the value of a workforce while maximizing the cost of managing them.

Current CHCI Human Capital Management Services

Human Capital Management Workshop

DescriptionThis Human Capital Management workshop will give participants the tools and knowledge to develop data-driven, evidence-based solutions that will have a substantive impact on workforce processes. Participants are exposed first-hand to the innovative tools needed to lead agencies and departments to create high-performance, highly efficient organizations
Audience12 - 20 Human Resource / Human Capital Managers, Supervisors, and staff
DurationTwo 3-hour sessions (over two days)
SettingIn-person / onsite (client-provided active learning classroom)
Cost$25,000 (materials included at no additional cost)
ContactFor more information, please contact Greg Bozek (; 571-970-4250 Ext. 102)