Dr. Allen Zeman, President of Human Capital Innovation

CHCI’s Human Capital Courses are certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Become the sought-out expert on your team!  Experience first-hand the innovative tools needed to lead agencies and departments to the forefront of human capital innovation and workforce productivity. Learn how to achieve more with fewer team members.

Workforce costs make up the majority of government budgets − so the workforce must be part of the solution. Effective change in this era of economic limitations can only happen through a strategic human capital approach.

To answer many challenging questions, the Center for Human Capital Innovation offers two comprehensive two-day training courses based on the foundations of Human Capital Management and HC Analytics – the only HRCI/SHRM certified HCM courses available for government.

Foundations in Human Capital Management in Government

This training blends interactive teaching models and technology to challenge students to critically assess their agency or department and become a change agent in these critical times.  The training content and interactive teaching models include video, case studies, discussion, and exercises developed to support human capital transformations across the federal government. The curriculum also incorporates private and public sector best practices that help spur new ideas and concepts.

This course is best suited for supervisors, managers, HR professionals, and HR Managers from grade 11 – Senior Executive and can be presented to students who span these grades or to groups organized by pay grade. CHCI education programs are recognized for credit by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Human Capital Analytics

This two day certification course blends a comprehensive human capital management foundation with interactive teaching methodologies that challenge participants to think creatively, hone the full range of their managerial skills, and create a holistic view of their organization’s workforce challenges ahead.

The intent of this course is to shift HR professionals or operational supervisors and managers away from transactional thinking toward the strategic capabilities and value of human capital leaders.  By using an integrated human capital framework, HR data, and an organization’s vision, goals and strategies, the human capital leader learns to think constructively about their organization, where it is and where it’s going.

Throughout the course, learners practice advanced analysis and learn to think critically about HR data. A primary objective is to shift learners away from merely reporting data to producing useful insights that drive better decision-making across the organization. As human capital professionals, learners are shown how to combine their deep knowledge of HR with a broad knowledge of the business of the organization in order to add unique perspectives and actionable recommendations. In short, learners will be better able to leverage their understanding of the organization’s workforce and people to aid the leadership in making better decisions about accomplishing today’s missions and meeting tomorrow’s expectations.

This course is best suited for leaders in the grades GS 13 through Senior Executives.  The training is recognized for credit by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Human Resource Consulting (2-day)

  • Foundations of Human Capital Management in Government (2-days)
  • Human Capital Analytics (2-days)
  • Human Resource Consulting (2-day)
  • Certified Human Capital Innovator (5-days)
  • Principles of Human Capital Management (1-day)
  • Custom one and two day workshops in areas such as Talent Acquisition, Leadership, Engagement & Retention, Performance Management, and Coaching


Unique program – For Human Capital Innovator™ Designation

  • Developed specifically within the framework of the science of Human Capital Management
  • Integrated & holistic approach
  • From classroom to real world
  • Practicum
  • State-of-the-art CHCI Learning Architecture (instructors/mentors/social networking)


  • Instructor-led & student-directed to maximize custom learning
  • Designed to drive application of knowledge into the work environment
  • Based on blended learning principles to leverage diverse set of technologies and instructional tools
  • Cost effective, flexible and customized
  • CHCI teaches organizations how to translate learned principles directly into work processes as part of a results-driven talent leadership development program.


The Human Capital Innovator curriculum will help jump start, accelerate and optimize any human capital or talent management initiative by providing:

  • Immediate practical application
  • Action Learning
  • Real time problem solving focus
  • Take away skills and solutions
  • Current research and best practices Access to mentors/coaches
  • Tools for improved decision making