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Dr. Allen r. Zeman


Dr. Allen R. Zeman is the President of the Center for Human Capital Innovation (CHCI). He formed CHCI after a 20-year, SES-level government career where he served in various Pentagon assignments and in multiple deployed assignments. The CHCI team works with government agencies to bring innovative solutions in executive coaching, human capital consulting, leader development, and human capital analytics. He is an ICF-certified executive coach with more than 11 years of experience in coaching executives from across the federal government.

Previous Experience: Prior to founding CHCI, Dr. Zeman was an Associate at the Spectrum Group in Alexandria, Virginia, working with numerous clients in the training, manpower, medical, and operations research fields. He has a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and he co-authored Lean Six Sigma for Federal Services (2008).

Dr. Zeman also served as the Senior Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq and later as the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mongolia. He left government service in 2005, but continued to work in the international development field as the vice president of an international development firm supporting USAID.

Dr. Zeman served as the Director of Naval Training and Education (N7) for the Chief of Naval Operations (now CLO), responsible for the plans, policies, budgets and directives for all military and civilian development, leading the world’s largest professional development organization. In this role, he served as the Executive Director for Navy and Marine Corps Military Education and on the DoD Education Activity Board of Directors. Prior to that, he worked for the Secretary of the Navy as the Director of Manpower and Training, where he laid the foundation for the Navy’s Revolution in Training, a systematic innovation in training design and delivery that led the Navy to new e-learning approaches, greater accountability and significant improvements in effectiveness and efficiency.

In his role as Director, Dr. Zeman was a pioneer in military education as the founder of the Navy College Program. He developed “SMART transcripts” which lists college-level credits recommended by ACE for all completed military training and education. These are provided to all Sailors and Marines and college curricula tailored to all initial military training. He was twice awarded “Innovator of the Year” awards by the National Education Association.

Prior to these Pentagon assignments, he deployed for three years to various Navy commands in the Pacific Fleet and for four months with the Marine Expeditionary Unit in support of operations in the former Yugoslavian Republic. Dr. Zeman’s last government assignment was as the Chief Economist for the Iraqi reconstruction effort in Baghdad. From 2004-2005 he led the Embassy’s Office of Strategic Analyses (OSA), responsible for Cabinet and congressional communication about the reconstruction and development of Iraq. OSA reported directly to the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq and aligned resources for the Iraqi Relief and Reconstruction Fund, a $24 billion fund established for the post-invasion reconstruction efforts in the country.

Education: Dr. Zeman’s Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. are in Labor Economics and Econometrics from Florida State University. At FSU, he was a member of the Economics faculty and an Instructor at the Center for Professional Development.

Areas of Expertise: Human capital management, government, executive coaching, learning systems, labor markets, economics, international development, lean six sigma, defense, and operations analysis.

Dr. Zeman can be contacted at